Psalm 3

What Does It Say?

God hears… (Read Psalms 3:1-2)


The psalmist had enemies who he couldn’t count.

  • David was running from his son, Absalom, who was over throwing the kingdom. David was running for his life. His son was claiming the throne for his own and kicking out his own dad, ready to kill him if need be. The nation was turning against him, and seemingly, so was God.


His enemies counted him lost.

  • David was hearing people say that even God couldn’t save him (2 Sam 16:5-8).
  • His enemies were saying that David was a lost cause, that even God was abandoning him.
  • What a place to be in! To see countless enemies in front of you, and all around you hear that God was leaving you. Did David wallow in self pity? No, he cried out to God. He prayed to God.


…and delivers! (Read Psalms 3:3-8)


God protects…

  • Verses 3 and 4 sound like David knows God has not abandoned him. He knows that God is the one who protects and who hears. David knows God hears him even as he flees for his life. He knows that God will listen when he “cries aloud.”
  • God is a shield. He diverts the arrows of David’s enemies. He deflects the sword. God is the shield David is protected behind.
  • David knows that if his head will be lifted up, if his life is to be saved, it will be because of God: “the lifter of my head.”





…and saves!

  • Imagine: David is escaping from his son. Absalom’s army isn’t far behind him. Yet David is able to rest peacefully. Is it because he’s just dumb? Is it because he’s so tired he can’t help but sleep? David lets us know that he is able to sleep because God sustains him. Literally to provide, support, or supply. David knows he is taken care of by God.
  • David has no fear of the thousands(!) who are against him. He’s not afraid because God is rising up to save. God will strike his enemies.
  • Break the teeth? Are those fighting words? Think of a wild animal that’s going to eat you. Now think of that animal’s dentures falling out. Not so intimidating anymore. David knows that God will take away the sting of the enemy. God will take away what makes them dangerous.
  • The last sentence puts a cap on David’s ability to rest. Salvation will come from God. God will rescue. God will save. God will deliver.


What Do I Do?


After taking time to read the Bible, perhaps change the friends you listen to, and confess the sin that’s

keeping you from God; take a look at your life. Beyond these struggles, are there enemies you face? Is

your enemy a person who seriously seeks harm for you? Is your enemy yourself? Is the enemy you face

the great enemy, is Satan after you in your attempt to run after God?


  1. Take time to voice your need for God to intervene.
    1. God hears your prayers, just as He heard David’s. Do you have a hard time believing that? The God of the universe listens to His children pray. He actually hears you. You can praise God for the fact that He hears you.
    2. If the last two weeks have been times of serious reflection on your life before a great God, then know that God has already seen your honest effort. If the last two weeks have been anything but easy to do what God’s word shows you to, continue to pray earnestly for God to intervene. He still will.
    3. List out your enemies in the booklet devotional. Pray that God would deliver you from each.
  2. Recognize that God delivers
    1. Are you saved? God delivered you from an eternity of hell. How much more is God able to deliver you from your enemies today! The God of the universe, the God who saves, is your shield. He is with you and will strengthen you. God provided for David, He will provide for you.
    2. Are you not a Christian? God desires that you come to know Him. He desires that you be made right with Him. He desires to lift up your head and save you.
      1. Teacher: below is a plan of salvation to share
        1. God – created you, is perfect, and is a judge over all the earth.
        2. You – We are evil. From birth we are sinners against God. We have no hope to make ourselves right with God. We stand condemned to die.
        3. Jesus – Came and lived a perfect life, the one we needed to live. He died the death we deserved to die. He rose from the dead to show that He was God and powerful to save.
        4. Converted – There has to be a point in your life when you give yourself over to God. You don’t accidentally become a Christian. There is a moment!


This week consider how God will and can deliver you. Think about how the God of the universe hears

you and delivers you from your enemies. Pray earnestly to God this week for His salvation.

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